Physical Funk is a dance school founded by Tina Perry.  


" The whole reason I wanted to go was because I love dancing. I've been for so long it feels like my family. I have also learnt a lot more dance moves. I love this place, I make new friends each year. Now I have a lot of flexibility and it helps me do a lot of other sports." Lara Mellon, 9

" This is my 14th year at Physical Funk and I could not ask for a better place as my second home. The students at Physical Funk are always friendly, exciting and young people who love to dance and enjoy coming to a dance school that is based on having fun and staying fit. Miss Tina is an inspiration to all of the young students and has been a magnificent role model for myself. You can tell that she loves what she does and she has helped me, through her passion for teaching become a better dancer and teacher at Physical Funk. I would recommend Physical Funk to anyone looking for a fun and nurturing dance school for their children. I am so proud to be a part of it and I'm sure your child will be too! " Tilly Cooper, 21

" I think Physical Funk is an awesome dance studio because; we learn really fun and exciting dances, we get awesome costumes at concert time and I get to go to comps to compete for Physical Funk." Bronte Hattingh, 11